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ZenBook Pro Duo

This product review is an opinion editorial.
Photo Credits: Official Asus website

Dual 4K Screens

OLED Primary Display

5.3 GHz Turbo Boost

RTX 2060 Graphics

The ZenBook Pro Duo is the flagship dual 4K screen mobile workstation. I have used it for about 4 months, and it has been a game changer for both business and creative workflows.


The ZenBook Pro Duo comes with a 15.6-inch 4K OLED display on the top, and a half-size 4K LCD display on the bottom, above the keyboard. The gorgeous 4K OLED display comes with a glossy surface, while the lower display comes with a matte surface. Some users have complained about the glossy finish causing glare on the primary display, but I have not had this issue. In fact, I prefer glossy displays, if it is high quality. The ZenBook Pro Duo's main display is very high quality with the 4K and the vivid colors and true black that come with OLED screens.

Dual Screen Workflows

Creative Workflows

The possibilities of what you can do with the dual screens is virtually limitless--only limited by imagination. If you use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator like me, you will find the second display useful for your tool panels, allowing you to have a larger workspace for your project. Or if you need to use multiple programs at the same time, such as designing a website in Photoshop and using Illustrator for selected vector objects, the two displays are great. This functionality is amplified by the fact that there is a built-in App Switcher key to swap your applications from the top screen to your bottom screen and vice-versa, instantly, so you can always have what you are actively working on on the main display.

Business Workflows

If you are working with Excel or Google Sheets, you can have your spreadsheet on your primary display, and any supporting applications such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, data entry source, etc., on your secondary. Even better, you can use the App Switcher feature (which comes with a designered key on above the trackpad) to switch screens for your applications so you can maintain focus and good posture looking at your beautiful primary 4K OLED display.

Developer Workflows

The ZenBook Pro Duo makes coding fun. It does so by eliminating the need to switch between your coding application and web browser or runtime environment. You can have your VS Code, Sublime or Notepad++ on one screen and your web browser or runtime environment in the other. When you are ready to shift your attention to preview your code, you can use the App Switcher feature to move your browser from the secondary to primary display; and shift it back once you're ready to code again.


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